LUIGI'S PIZZA Line Cook in APPLETON, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Perform duties which combine preparing and serving food and nonalcoholic beverages. Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment. Wash, peel, cut, and seed fruits and vegetables to prepare them for consumption. Turn or stir foods to ensure even cooking. Season and cook food according to recipes or personal judgment and experience. Portion, arrange, and garnish food, and serve food to waiters or patrons. Keep records and accounts. Inspect and clean food preparation areas, such as equipment and work surfaces, or serving areas to ensure safe and sanitary food-handling practices. Butcher and dress animals, fowl, or shellfish, or cut and bone meat prior to cooking. Bake, roast, broil, and steam meats, fish, vegetables, and other foods. Ensure food is stored and cooked at correct temperature by regulating temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, and roasters. Ensure freshness of food and ingredients by checking for quality, keeping track of old and new items, and rotating stock. Estimate expected food consumption, requisition or purchase supplies, or procure food from storage. Clean food preparation areas, cooking surfaces, and utensils. Clean, stock, and restock workstations and display cases. Cook and package batches of food, such as hamburgers and fried chicken, which are prepared to order or kept warm until sold. Maintain sanitation, health, and safety standards in work areas. Cook the exact number of items ordered by each customer, working on several different orders simultaneously. Mix ingredients such as pancake or waffle batters. Measure ingredients required for specific food items being prepared. Operate large-volume cooking equipment such as grills, deep-fat fryers, or griddles. Order and take delivery of supplies. Pre-cook items such as bacon, to prepare them for later use. Prepare and serve beverages such as coffee and fountain drinks. Prepare dough, following recipe. Prepare specialty foods such as pizzas, fish and chips, sandwiches, and tacos, following specific methods that usually require short preparation time. Schedule activities and equipment use with managers, using information about daily menus to help coordinate cooking times. Serve orders to customers at windows, counters, or tables. Take food and drink orders and receive payment from customers. Verify that prepared food meets requirements for quality and quantity. Wash, cut, and prepare foods designated for cooking. Carve and trim meats such as beef, veal, ham, pork, and lamb for hot or cold service, or for sandwiches. Consult with supervisory staff to plan menus, taking into consideration factors such as costs and special event needs. Coordinate and supervise work of kitchen staff. Bake breads, rolls, cakes, and pastries. Observe and test foods to determine if they have been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as tasting, smelling, or piercing them with utensils. Plan and price menu items. Prepare relishes and hors d'oeuvres. Substitute for or assist other cooks during emergencies or rush periods. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: PLEASE NOTE: THIS JOB IS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 12 BECAUSE OF OUR VACATION We have an immediate opening for a Line Cook/Prep Cook/Pizza Makers/Cook Help Wanted for Luigi's Pizza of Appleton. Come in and fill out an application to apply 1835 E Edgewood Drive Appleton WI 920-997-0001 Looking for a great work environment? Luigi's pizza of Appleton is now searching for Pizza Maker and Cook part time employees We are searching for Pizza Maker and Cook that has restaurant experience mostly to be making pizzas. searching for Pizza Maker and Cook individuals who is hardworking and strive to make people's restaurant experience the best it can be. having a background in the pizza industry is desired but not required. employees will learn all aspects of the restaurant. This is a small bu siness everyone must be willing to help each other. Plus we just got a new point of sale systems so if you know how to work that even better for employment Most important: Reliable and your own Transportation hard worker, can prep and clean, can handle a busy environment, work well with others, friendly quick on your feet, vocal. Luigi's pizza of Appleton is now searching for part time employees for a PIZZA DELIVERY DRIVER AND PIZZA MAKER Having a background in the pizza industry is desired but not required. Employees will learn all aspects of the restaurant. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply In Person: To apply 1835 E Edgewood Drive Appleton WI E-Mail a Rsum: GNGSOLLENA@YAHOO.COM Call For Appointment: 920-997-0001 Other: We are looking for someone to start right away Come in and fill out an applications if you have any questions you can contact me My name is Jo