Northern Star Council Boy Scouts of America Food Service Director, Summer Camp in South Haven, Minnesota

Seeking a full-time seasonal Food Service Director for the summer season (June 5, 2018 through August 7, 2018) at Stearns Scout Camp, located near Annandale, MN. Compensation: $5,000 for the full season. Room and board are also provided, though they are optional. This position reports to the Camp Director. The Food Service Director is responsible for providing high quality food with the help of up to 3 kitchen staff. Three meals are prepared per day, serving up to 200 participants at each meal during the weekends and up to 20 people during the week. Benefits include making a difference in the lives of youth, a fun work environment, and an opportunity to build lasting memories and lifelong skills including leadership and problem solving. The camp is located on Lake Caroline, part of Clearwater River. Responsibilities include: 1. Responsible for the preparation of camp foods. Ensure that meals are in accordance with good health standards and are appetizing to the campers. Responsible for making sure that foods are hot when delivered to campers. 2. Direct the preparation of all meals, coordinating cooking responsibilities and scheduling all staff. 3. Ensure that an adequate quantity of food is available to all campers and staff. Enough food should be available to feed healthy appetites for elementary-aged kids and their parents in an outdoor environment. 4. Orders for foods will be placed according to a set schedule. 5. Manage the kitchen staff. Ensure that food service personnel are in accordance with all BSA and governmental policies, regulations, and standards. 6. Sanitation in the kitchen must be adhered to at all times. Prior to departure each day, the kitchen must be completely clean and free of garbage. 7. Responsible for the proper storage of all food products. Responsible for making sure that Hot/Cold charts are filled out three times daily. All dry products will be stored in a rodent-free environment. Make sure food is kept in its proper place - dairy products in dairy cooler, raw meats on lowest shelves or separate racks, etc. 8. Assist with all other responsibilities as directed by the Camp Director. For more information about Northern Star Council, see Please apply online at Or send an email to and include a summary of your work experience.